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Gil Godfrey founded this firm in 1997 and has fostered its continued growth. Throughout his 46 years of practice, he has forged an unequaled reputation by ably and successfully representing a varied array of clients including Fortune 500 companies, mom and pop employers (some insured, some not), hospitals, municipalities, insurance carriers, servicing agents and third party administrators by helping to disentangle them from the clutches of their many predicaments whether easy or complex and tortuous. 


Mr. Godfrey graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a bevy of honors, including the Gilbert Prize in English. He then pursued his legal studies at Tulane University in New Orleans and graduated with his Juris Doctor and moot court accolades in 1978. 


Mr. Godfrey brings boundless wisdom, indefatigable energy, a poet's voice, an artist's eye and an innate understanding for all things biological, chemical and physiological to the cases he's entrusted in Federal and Florida jurisdictions. He has a natural flair for constructing winning perspectives with the poignancy of language and the synergy of compelling exhibits. Still, beyond all these humble reckonings, Mr. Godfrey is compassionate for the wants and needs of his clients. He and his staff stand ready to accept your calls and challenges. 

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